Hey folks,

In the Announcements forum where this thread is posted, you can see the last 7 years of threads on charity donated amounts. The club has been helping charities since it's creation in 1999. No member of the executive receives any benefit from donating their time to be involved in the club - this includes all moderators.

This year the GTAMC "Technically" became the "GTAMCC". We incorporated and we became a Not For Profit Charity. Our new legal name is Greater Toronto Area Mustang Charity Club. You have to have the word Charity (or similar) in the incorporated name to become a NFPC.

This was costly but important.

Fundraising efforts come from an assortment of areas including ...

Club Elite Sponsors
Club Sponsors
"Contributor" status on forums
Stampede BBQ and or other events

So basically, if you are a contributor, or attended the BBQ or you buy products/services from club sponsors, you are directly or indirectly supporting the charity fundraising efforts raised each year.

In addition, of course many of you donate to ikettle, and donate at events such as DaSilva's sick kids show, so the true amount is very large.

Just in the last 7 years the club donation has been exactly $68,850.00.

In 2017 the following donations were made. $4000.00 Canadian Crime Victims Foundation - $2,500 Sick Kids on behalf of Joe DaSilva - $1000.00 Ikettle for a total of $7,500.00

Thank you for all your help.

GTAMC Executive